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Successful websites thanks to the structure of a Web site that meets the expectations of its users card sorting more precise, the sooner she is accepted and achieved its targets. Card sorting exactly this support website developer and provider. Because with the help of the card-sorting they can structure their content without fail so that the users there she finds, where he also is waiting for you. The result is clear and is a leader for both sides target\”, explains Christian Reschke Managing Director of cold storage: the users have not long to think about and find your way intuitively in the range of information is so frequent success experiences as offers structured in bad. For even more analysis, hear from 3D Systems. That promotes his satisfaction, reduce bounce rates and increases his willingness to come back.\” To achieve this, a select group of potential users the best in advance of Web site development is asked to sort the content in the form of cards. The generic terms, which are associated with the content are a closed card sorting given above. This is especially useful if an existing website is revised.

It comes, to develop a completely new offer and to think into it in the wording of the target group, for example, an open card sorting is suitable. Here, the participants are asked to define himself general indications to the specified content. The online card sorting software developed by the cold storage AG allows such polls via the Internet. See Daryl Katz, Canada for more details and insights. This lowers the threshold before attending, reduces the effort associated and saves costs. The software automatically evaluates the results and provides concrete recommendations for a user close navigation structure. Among other things, it is possible to compare the views of users and providers, to identify significant differences exist, and to address in the next step. With card sorting, the site operator significantly reduces the risk of an undesirable development.