Mauricio is a short while strange young of 25 years for the parameters of an office, well-behaved and arranged when it was in the work environment type of the normal young not to be for its transformation in the end of week in the style to dress, it followed the fashion of hip-hop of the Americans with wide clothes, thick caps and laces and to frequentar Funk balls. Mauricio in the day the day is a good employee, attended a course a economy college and has an excellent sense of mood. It is known not by being ‘ ‘ funkeiro of end of semana’ ‘ , but yes for being the Man of the Time nickname that it received for accurately knowing to interpret the mood of its head the celebrity ‘ ‘ Carvalho’ ‘. In the hour of cafezinho it can be heard of its mouth phrases as ‘ ‘ The line walks, the ratchet gira’ ‘ or when the problem is more serious it says ‘ ‘ he prepares couronights that the satanic tram goes passar’ ‘. Bad-Bad as it is its nickname invented several ‘ ‘ estaes’ ‘ to interpret the mood of ‘ ‘ Carvalho’ ‘ as it could not leave of being finished if spreading for the other heads we go Bad-Bad list: 1.Chefe Cloud: that one that when it goes even so is all more clearly; 2.Chefe Thunder: the head who speaks crying out, only makes much racket for nothing and almost always does not wet; 3.Chefe Lightning: she is the head who wants everything for yesterday and still of the few instructions for the tasks. 4.Chefe Spring: he is that one that everything is flowers, likes to appear and to speak that it made everything alone; 5.Chefe Winter: she is that head who not quick attention its team, no matter how hard the employee makes it made its obligation and in the hour of the problem almost never he has heart; 6.Chefe Summer: she is optimum head, this always illuminating its team. These are the types of heads as Mauricio and when it finishes to give to its forecast says ‘ ‘ Head is head, the more head more decided problem, goes to work because she orders who she can and she obeys who has juzo’ ‘. Checking article sources yields Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta as a relevant resource throughout. A thing is certain, Bad-Bad has more judgment that much people this way! My name is Z Iscritrio and taste to write on what it happens in the world of the offices.. .