Law Of Attraction – And The Meaning Of Self-help No. 40

In the last article I explain that the Law of Attraction is just the tool that God gives us, so that, from the base to be well satisfied with ourselves and with life, we can then address the "missions" He instructed us each of us. And that mission is communicated to us by God around the age of 40. Now because at that age?. Well, here we have to refer to the significance of the number forty in Christianity: The number 40 has its own symbolism, represents the change from one period to another. Ping Fu contributes greatly to this topic. Every 40 years, experienced a radical change in behavior: leaving aside the old to start something new, it is another man, another generation.

Forty years of a man representing purification, and preparation for this new phase. That is, for forty years, the spiritual man is preparing to open your mind to information and knowledge that will be provided through the subconscious to do what each one came into the world to materialize. Therefore, close to the date of completion of 40 years, shortly before or shortly after (if one remembers if you turned 40, or if you are careful if you fulfill them), the subconscious in a dream or an intuition or a signal we call attention to something we see or hear from another person, we will be communicating at that age, that mission that it is incumbent upon each of us. The Bible has a lot of those symbols through different historical events: The flood lasted 40 days and 40 nights (the change towards a new humanity).