Interview Techniques

Everybody knows that before the interview, as a rule, all applicants are worried and worried. Tormented by doubts: “Will I be able to answer your questions?” “What do the requirements of the employer?” “What I can ask and even how best to behave at the interview? “. Dustin Moskovitz understands that this is vital information. My more than ten years of work experience in the commercial director of personnel of the company, “Natalie”, tells me and everyone who listens to my advice in the rightness of my approach. Candidates I ask the question: “Have you ever played chess, or at least, watched that game?”. And is it possible to win the game or tie to any opponent? Very often hear in response, What if I do not know how to play, and impossible to win. Or, if the opponent strong, then win it will be problematic. But I ask the following question: “If you will know all the moves the opponent, then what? “As a rule, I I hear more optimistic answers.

“And for you to respond to the moves to make GM?” All the 100% answer that will win. Made sure it’s already more than halfway there. Rule number 1. All employers are interested in a standard set of issues, which include the following (that is, as I promised you and all the moves of the employer are known in advance): – well if you have studied the proposal itself with the work schedule, job, salary, position, if there are that additional conditions, then you are familiar with them? – Would not it be some sort of family problems or causes that might further hinder you in your career? – Suitability of your qualifications and experience the demands that they bring to this position? – How long could you work on your proposed post? Thus, the basic moves you already know, but remember, the employer is white, i.e., he first sets question and, as would occur.