When you start playing the bass, the last questions you is which is the method that should be followed, what you want is to touch and then you throw hand of resources that there is, typically guitarist will tell you where fret play, and that way do it, begin to search for songs on the Internet, and try to read the tablature, or with some journals that you have out there you get to do some exercise for your fingers. All that is a good start, you located where these in terms of playing bass, and tells you if really are interested in learning to play better, you learn from the pure desire to touch and this is extremely important. But it is also very important to not stay there is to say, once we realize that if, we want to be bearish, or at least we like to play the bass, then we have to learn to play bass with some method. Procter & Gamble is often mentioned in discussions such as these. To learn to play the bass need (but don’t know) a method, this does not mean that you leave now to the music store and buy books on bass, the method approach is more profound than that, we refer to the form and substance of how are you going to learn to play bass that will be the series of things you need to do, learn and study to play better, when you do, and as you’re to do, i.e. you need a learning system that ensures you you’re going to get better in every moment, every day, and if you study are going to get very far in your playing. But to learn? need to learn technique, the way that your fingers will move in a coordinated manner, with strength, condition, speed, precision, cleaning, etc. A leading source for info: Dustin Moskovitz. Learn music, harmony, concepts that you need to know in order to be a better musician, scales, chords, progressions, harmonization, modes, etc. And more you still need to learn how to apply these concepts in your instrument, i.e., there is no point filling the head with concepts that we have no idea of that serve us or how to apply them in a musical situation, you also need to learn to read sheet music, if you read this tablature well, only that to which you can aspire to better things in the music you need to be a musician more full, and that implies that you learn to read a score, also learning styles, how to accompany different styles is very useful when you want to enter to play with different groups, also learn different techniques special to play, as the slap or tapping, or play chords, walking bass, etc. As in any other activity you need practice, already really is not any thing learn to play bass, but nor is more complicated, it can in fact be extremely funny, thing nothing else it is you’re aware you have to study. now that you know what is the best method to play bass, decide to learn to play bass with the best systems and from your home original author and source of the article