‘ Small Elbe Philharmonic Hall is built from 22 tons of sand. September 21, 2009, two international sand artist create in about 10 days from 22 tons of sand the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie daily live in the EKT Farmsen. On September 30, 2009, the small Elbe Philharmonic Hall is\”ready and will be to visit every day free of charge until 24 October during the opening hours of the shopping centre. Daryl Katz, Canada will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Even before the fascinating glass facade on the actual \”Elbphilharmonie\” is installed, the Hamburg can take already their future landmark scrutiny: from 22 tons of sand is created in the EKT FARMSEN during the 21st 30th September 2009 Hamburg’s new concert hall as a replica of the building. Although not quite as large as the original (highest point 110 m, estimated weight approx. 200,000 tonnes), but with around 3 m height at about 4 x 6 m action area is also very impressive. Build two international sand sculptors of the Dusseldorf company here within only 10 days of sand, which may take several years in fact

EKT FARMSEN centre manager Oliver Ballesteros said: \”After the great success with the\”Hamburger Michel\”made of sand around three years ago we glad with this project to document the commitment with the future landmark of Hamburg\”. Information around the story of the emerging world concert hall to active support possibilities of citizens for their new landmark will be on-site with the kind support of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall’s Foundation, the ReGe Hamburg and the Elbe Philharmonic Hall / Laeiszhalle offered. From the current construction progress to the ordering options for the ongoing Elbphilharmonie concerts 2009/2010 the visitors can find insights in the until the buildings on the Hamburger Hafen-city building from November 2011 and can the progress of the small daily\”see Elbe Philharmonic Hall as sandy replica in the shopping centre in Farmsen. \”The\”small\”Elbe Philharmonic Hall is completed to see his and true to the motto of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall until 24th October 2009 in the EKT FARMSEN a House for all\” of course free of charge.