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Personally I think that the word retention is a bit pretentious, while that has a connotation Carcelaria and could generate the fact that can be done against the will of someone. I would use a word such as tenure or membership. The case is that all companies that we develop our activities in a capitalist world we seek the achievement of goals of utility (otherwise the company is not viable) and do this through create, maintain and ensure the permanence of the best customers in our Organization. We will focus in this and upcoming deliveries in the creation of customers, then we will do it with the customer maintenance and retention of best customers. Creation of clients. Every business has due begin this activity, except those companies that acquire other already established and are therefore acquiring a portfolio of clients. For purposes of this analysis, we go from the fact that any organisation or company first needs that all get new clients, i.e.

create customers. To generate some ideas about what entails this work, identify the following: identification of potential customers to my business get to know my offer of products or services Generate sufficient level of attraction so consider my products or services as an option for your needs teach this potential customer the way in which my product or service and my company can meet your needs effectively demonstrate how I can do it and that benefits I can offer you, compared to other options help my potential customer to take a final decision in purchasing or contracting, trying to minimize or reduce any risk to the see in this decision. We believe that this process starts from the time I try to identify a potential market, until I get a prospect to buy or hire my product or service and to become an active customer of my company.