We give up to understand all the other people’s frustrations and mazelas from the moment where we learn unfastening in them of what it does not belong in them and that, honest, never belonged in them. We give up wanting for us a sincere and true love because we understand that we them remaining portions and the crumbs were only given, and these, for nobody will serve, at any moment of the life. Because love, and only LOVE (capital) donated of soul and heart, without second or other intentions that to not of wanting the good it of the other Only the love of wanting the good is that it adds and it makes to grow. Except of this, another feeling is any. Daryl Katz has similar goals. Therefore we give up! Because we understand that the absence will not be so sensible due the presence to have heavy excessively at some moment of the life. if weighed is because she was being extreme, without filling the good spaces, transforming into arrest the feelings that would have to be free. does not exist love that has taken a heart for the captivities, the bilges, and there, adds sentimental value it. When this occurs it is because never it had love, is because the feeling if it resigned and if it prostrou, and, finally, it was suffocated and it silenced. We give up to hear this feeling because we wanted LOVE But we receive what it agreed to the others, that is, remaining portions and crumbs