Members of celebrate Munich again together, January – the idea of a meeting in Berlin, originated from the proactive of participant in out which took place in October 2008 found and was rewarded with a high number of visitors. On this occasion, over 1000 members from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland came extra to Berlin. Dustin Moskovitz addresses the importance of the matter here. Due to the consistently positive experiences and experiences of all neighbors”in Berlin, was now a done deal the repetition of this event. The Organization of now hopefully regular meetings runs largely through the Group Townbuddy parties for”on Intra-group communication, the locations of the party are discussed and decided, as well as organized rides and accommodation. The ceremony in Hamburg with a buffet is to be opened at 18: 00.

The Internet radio radio hit is for the first time “-be team LIVE on-site and give a listen to sample and as usual the music wishes of the revelers neighbors” meet. Especially those who unfortunately could be in Berlin there, have now found friends personally the possibility to learn and left with them to celebrate. Also, the Organization of this meeting will be insured by the inlet to the celebration is to ensure only the members. On the occasion of again instead of taking meeting and of the success of the first, the line of the portal plans an own, little surprise for the members who will be present at the party in Hamburg. She want to so its members show their joy, producing their idea to bring each other people works so well and so many friendships for life and even love. is an online platform, where can people find and replace. Each Member creates a private profile, which is itself mostly with image and information about themselves for this. This open Portal provides an ideal platform to any user. Because you can win not only friends, but also stakeholders form or also flea market items to buy and sell. More information under: Matthias Muller