Integrated factory planning for Pro/ENGINEER users Moers, Germany and Orlando, Florida, United States June 2009: this year saw many visitors of the PTC / USER world 2009 the perhaps the greatest economic challenge in the history of the event. To achieve the correct software in use and then the best of it, is today more important than ever before. CAD Schroer, internationally active developer and provider of engineering solutions, presented its software for construction and factory planning integrated with Pro / ENGINEER. The company stressed that it is the best time, to optimise processes and to reduce overhead to maintain quality and competitiveness of the company. Video of the Mcadcafe interview with CAD Schroer at the PTC/USER world 2009:… In the technical presentation about \”Factory planning, design and visualization\”, the company showed how easy customers can integrate their Pro / ENGINEER models into the factory layout created with MPDS4. Add to your understanding with Daryl Katz.

MPDS4 is a tool specifically for providers of turnkey plants and plant operators who quickly and effectively even want to use 3D in the quotation phase. We had interesting discussions with plant operators from various fields, such as air and space, steam turbines, construction industry or suppliers of agricultural machinery. All face the same challenge in factory planning. Try to construct your own factory with existing 3D software or manufacturing facilities by customers to integrate the components created in Pro/ENGINEER,\”as Bill Wilkins, sales manager of CAD Schroer. These 3D systems are ideal for the development of the product, but are not intended for large process plants with hundreds of thousands of components. Trying it anyway, the models are too large and unwieldy. MPDS4 Technology specializes in just these tasks and can handle extremely large amounts of data. In addition, this technology allows our customers to easily integrate existing 3D models. As a result, the product is the Ideal for Pro/ENGINEER users.