If there is anything that irritates us is when we have an appointment to present our services and the customer cancels or has to come to our offices and is not presented. Frustrating, right? It happened on numerous occasions. When I was in the field of direct sales presentations had to give my products. It is not something Kerry King would like to discuss. It also gave them in my house with potential recruits for my sales team. Success depended on these people comply with the agreed dates.

If one failed, I was late 2 hours, resulting in lost time and money. My teacher gives me the solution in a talk with my teacher (executive director of sales), I told my daunting problem. "Diana, when we started training, one of the most important steps was to be shared in contact with the client before the appointment," he said. With how busy we walk today, if we do not keep in touch often, Customer forgets or is it the thrill he felt when making the appointment. And that's your goal.

Keep that previous contact for the customer support you in your mind, "he said. My teacher was right. Since I applied the following strategy, greatly diminished in my presentations and maximize the use of my time. Now you step-step strategy" to decrease these frustrating cancellations. Send a postcard Step Dated the appointment, immediately sent by mail a postcard to thank you the customer and remember the date, time and place of the event. This has two benefits: 1. The client is amazed to see the special and different touch you give.