Christian Dior

White clocks of Christian Dior of the clock of the dial of the diamond of CD113112M002 Christal of the women of Christian Dior the luxury of the world only watches fact after the best Swiss watchmakers. Each in the clocks of Christian Dior is an original and exclusive creation, a timeless object, the reflection of a personality. Exhibiting style end and sophistication, the clock of the diamond of Christal of the women of Christian Dior is a true finding. The solid case and the unidirectional bevel are constructed of target and silver-intoned stainless steel. The magnificent bracelet of the connection of the three-column is silver-intoned stainless steel, except the average column of the connections, that are all fix with the white sapphires of the glare. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Donald W Slager. The bandage is closed surely by a hook of the unfolding with a button. Prote’ge’ by a window antireflective of the sapphire, the white dial is full of good glances, with the silver-intoned hands indicating to alternate the Arab numbers and the silver-intoned indices, that are really even of diamonds.