Does Chitosan really positive in a diet? Chitosan is a colourless and resistant material, which is due to its ability to bind fat, again and again in different fat burners and diet products to the application frequently and love to the food supplement industry, both from medical site is advertised. The fettbindene property can undoubtedly be detected in tests. By adding Chitosan to diet products, it is promised that the consumed dietary fat is bound in the gastro intestinal tract on Chitosan and thus of the body no longer can be recorded. This dietary fat bound to Chitosan is excreted undigested again. To save”thereby accordingly the calories contained in the amount of fat a.

Considering now that certain polymers of Chitosan can absorb theoretically up to eightfold its own weight in fat, it is clear also that with this amendment actually a lot of calories can be excreted. At first glance, seems Chitosan now to be the ultimate solution for overweight. (Not to be confused with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta!). But like so many other things too, so also this supplement has two sides. The substance over a very long period of time must be taken for a real success. A learning effect on healthy eating not is unfortunately also and no later than the discontinuation of the product exists due to the non-modified eating habits at the latest a more or less pronounced Yo-Yo effect. In addition, not only the dietary fat on Chitosan is bound, but also the fat-soluble vitamins. Due to this fact it can cause excessive use may lack of certain vitamins in metabolism, which in the longer term more will negatively impact and is no relation to the actual benefits of Chitosan.

Moreover, that it may be due to the increased fat binding also unwanted side effects such as a fat stool or diarrhea, which depending on the consumed fat and Chitosanmenge more or less strong pronounced can occur. Permanent supplement for weight loss, Chitosan is therefore more likely to recommend less. But this addition will become not less useful. May be used for example, when you know that taking a very high-fat meal in the next few hours to themselves, as this can often be the case for meals in the restaurant. Sporadically some calories can be saved and you can enjoy individual cheat meals with a clear conscience.