Board Beneke

Transparency guaranteed Beneke Wirtschaftsdienst is joint-stock company the more than ten years ago by the business lawyer Andrea Beneke based economy service July 30, 2008 seamlessly in the Beneke second market AG go to. The persons, business (closed-end funds with a focus on secondary market trading), headquarters and services remain unchanged. The Foundation of the Aktiengesellschaft (AG) takes into account the years constantly growing business volume. Contrary to the trend to liability-limiting forms of business such as the British private limited company (Ltd) or the proven AG was chosen the one-man GmbH. Customer confidence should be confirmed with the statutory transparency and security. Only 0.15% of all companies choose the right form of AG. The financial and organisational effort is too high for 99% of the founders.

Because of start-ups in the financial services 80% do not protrude from the first three years, this decision is understandable. The customer has a right Transparency and security. We want to stand out from the many casual brokers on the market us clearly”, so the Board of Directors Dipl. engineer Wilfried Beneke AG establishing. The location of Eitorf is enriched by the AG Foundation through its third joint-stock company. Dipl. engineer Wilfried Bahadur; Board of Directors: Beneke second market AG