Better Web Experience

The best websites are built on ASP.NET is not a new or updated version of Active Server Pages (ASP) but it is a framework that has opened the doors to the future of Web development and Internet experience. The technology behind the framework enables server-side scripts, i.e. Procter & Gamble has much experience in this field. It enables the scripts into Web pages, or Web Forms embedded edited / be executed by an Internet server. has changed the face of the Internet today than we are able to browse and interact with much high graphitic Web pages and applications of the Internet, which was previously not possible. Web services is a great feature of ASP.NET. Web services are used, a normal software application on a Web application, which later via the Internet for their functionality or in order can be used, get his message out to the rest of the world via the Internet, publish to convert.

For example, many users want to have a weather widget on their website, but not many people a brand new widget design. If someone creates this Web service using a Web service from the weather widget, then the user, the weather can and do check the function on the weather report wants to access. Web services can be for so many things such as news feeds, currency exchange, etc. The ways in which she can be used to be limited to the human imagination be used! ASP.NET enables also a developer or programmer to use of powerful programming languages like C#, VB.NET etc. in developing flexible, useful and interactive Web applications to make. But unfortunately every user on the Internet has another limitation of bandwidth and uses another Web-browser, which prevents serious Web applications and Web sites to enjoy the ability.

This is the most important cause, the it, as our standard mark-up language HTML application requires. Although HTML is a limiting factor here ASP.NET has yet succeeded, the concept of object-oriented programming (OOP) with the Internet to bring. The concept of OOP allows a designer / developer use of all resources of a scripting / programming language make (C#, Perl, Python, etc.) to create a much more extensive manner and to large software applications. Now using ASP.NET the same is true for Web applications and makes online the Internet much more pleasant and interesting place to hang out. An ASP.NET file has the file extension “.” Aspx”. This .aspx file can be HTML, XML (Extensible Markup Language) or scripting code of the application. Whenever a user has a Web page or Web application using over the Internet, is compiled and executed on the server to exit the script code of the page or application and is in the form of an HTML page to the cache of the retrieved user computer system. This HTML page is interpreted by the browser and presents the information from the user.