Construction Planning

If the seller must return twice the signal, if the buyer, it is normal to lose this early signal. “Call option: we must agree in advance whether the design delivered by the purchaser in respect of option transpose it to the final price if the purchase-sale takes place (sign a private contract of purchase- sale). You should know that free housing developers under planning or construction should ensure, through sufficient guarantee given by the credit institution or insurance contract, the repayment of amounts paid on account, plus annual interest, for if the construction is not completed or does not reach a successful conclusion by the agreed deadline. HOUSING SECOND HAND According to the College of Notaries, when you visit a second hand property, you have to take into account some points: – Be sure to visit the attic, garage or other related facilities that provided housing. -Make sure the actual area of housing.

-Assess the lighting and check the operation of essential services. -Visit the house and its surroundings at different times of day for different days of the week. “Beware before any action or circumstances which suggest that the house is inhabited by people who are unaware of the intent to sell. -Ask the concierge for information and / or neighbors about housing, building and neighborly relations. Housing Official Protection Notaries recommends that if you purchase any Protection Officer (VPO) or the appraised price (VPT) pay attention to:-Price: The maximum price of sale is legally restricted.

“Destination: housing must be filled within the ceiling fixed and necessarily used for regular and permanent home. -Limitations and prohibitions: there is very often more or less extensive restrictions on the sale of these homes, and even ban transmit over time, or reserve by the administration of pre-emptive rights. “Aid to Purchase: The acquisition of state-subsidized housing has direct economic aid, subsidized loans and tax exemptions and rebates and tariffs noariales and registration.

Prime Tourist Destination

Why the Costa Brava always among the top 5 destinations of Spain will be the INE statistics predict the Catalan tourism sector growth. This is one of the most visited destinations in Catalonia Costa Brava and is located just behind the Balearic Islands, which cut the statistically best in the statistics. Therefore the hotels Costa Brava demand. This trend also the travel agencies and online agencies pick up and offer a wide range of accommodation on the Costa Brava. It is striking that also tend to rent a holiday apartment on the Costa Brava, that are taught by private providers or agencies such as There are many different reasons why the Costa Brava tourist so popular is.

First of all, the geographical characteristics of the region. Daryl Katz, New York City understands that this is vital information. The Costa Brava is a such amazingly diverse region, with a marvellous mountain scenery, cliffs, unique sandy beaches, bays and many well-known ports. In addition, there are special domestic cities and villages, the the embody the unique charm of the region. The mild climate almost all year round invites you to vacation on the Costa Brava. Not to forget history and culture of the Costa Brava – one of the most versatile and interesting in Spain. Whether at the theatre, visits to museums, castles or historic sites of cultural and historian come fully at their own expense on the Costa Brava. In addition, the close brings an even greater advantage to Barcelona. Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, belongs to the top travel destinations in the Spanish cities. A day trip to exciting city who spends holidays on the Costa Brava, can companies quickly and easily. Costa Brava Spain Holiday one of the main objectives, to enjoy nature, beach, sea and city flair. Contact: Perfect Sun travel, SL Avenida de Madrid 95-97, 3-3 08028 Barcelona – Spain Tel: + 34 933 30 78 61 E-Mail: Internet: de

Polish Baltic Coast

The five-star Spa Hotel AQUARIUS SPA Kolobrzeg offers luxury ambience and an excellent Spa and wellness facilities Berlin, November 2010 – “boundless well-being with all your senses and a fantastic stay at the Baltic Sea experience” is the motto at Hotel AQUARIUS SPA Kolobrzeg. The newly built in 2009 Hotel AQUARIUS SPA is a five-star luxury spa hotel and offers everything you can – expect as a guest of a luxury hotel an elegant atmosphere, an on-site gourmet restaurant, a first-class care by a highly qualified staff and excellent Spa and wellness. The architectural beauty, the elegant and innovative design and the elegant interior provide comfort and quality. The modern and spacious Spa, fully equipped cabins for baths and wellness applications and a variety of leisure activities serve the rest, relaxation and regeneration of the body and soul. The hotel AQUARIUS SPA is a family-run hotel at the same time and was to visit the youngest hotel guests child-friendly equipped. The hotel AQUARIUS SPA is located only 300 m from the Baltic Sea in Koobrzeg spa zone, located near of the Beach Park. The good location of the hotel and the air clear, iodine contribute significantly to the well-being and relaxation. The hotel AQUARIUS SPA offers a total of 202 very comfortable, modern and tastefully furnished double rooms, studios and luxury apartments with an area of about 52 m2, which is divided in Salon, bedroom, and bathroom/shower/tub.

All rooms are equipped with silent air conditioning, bath/shower, minibar, telephone, Wi-Fi, LCD TV, safe, kettle, hairdryer, bathrobe, scales and balcony chairs. Some rooms are specially equipped for disabled guests and people with high Allergic sensitivity. For more information see Ping Fu. The heart of the hotel is an excellent and well equipped SPA and Wellness Centre. Yet the traditional bath house culture is kept here – an Association of history and modernity. The SPA and Wellness Centre features a swimming pool with Massage jets, geysers, an artificial river and Jacuzzi, sports swimming pool with 25 m lanes always under supervision of a rescue swimmer, a sauna landscape, which alludes to the ancient and Mediterranean baths in their style, an elegant beauty Institute with many cabins for baths and spa treatments and a spacious relaxation room. In the elegant setting can indulge exquisitely guests. The selection of beauty and body treatments leaves nothing to be desired.

There is a wide range in terms of wellness and beauty of classic massage treatments to Ayurveda massages to complete beauty treatments with the products of the companies ACADEMIE, PAYOT and PHYTOMER offered. AQUARIUS provides the physical well-being of our guests in the hotel well. “The gourmet restaurant horizon” offers elegant and exquisite regional, Polish and international cuisine with local products: venison and mushrooms come from the surrounding forests, freshly caught fish from local fishermen. Meat, poultry, eggs and vegetables from local farmers. And the coffee house decorated in Japanese style wind and water”, a bar in the Aqua Center, and the Atlantis nightclub offering imaginative alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails and various coffee and tea specialities and freshly baked cakes from our own confectionery. The hotel AQUARIUS SPA has prepared various attractive packages for a wellness holiday. Whether a short break with Spa and wellness, a beauty holiday, a weekend, a romantic weekend or a medical Spa – everyone will find the right offer for after his fondness and his needs.

UVA Lamps

Daylight is well-being, motivation and health the body clock “of the people, the so-called Ciradianer rhythm, is strongly influenced by the prevailing light conditions. Light affects the concentration, cardiovascular, metabolism, blood pressure, and even the bone structure. Just in the dark winter months we remember on our internal clock”the impact of short days. How much the changing light conditions influence, is different for different people. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dustin Moskovitz. Normal bulbs enough though, to brighten up a room, but can not completely replace the light of day. This relates to the colour spectrum of the energy-saving bulbs. Light blue sky at noon has all colours of the Rainbow, – in other words the entire colour spectrum is covered and the transitions between the individual colors are blurred. Read additional details here: Dustin Moskovitz.

With energy-saving lamps, on the other hand, there are jumps and peaks, especially in the yellow area of the gradient. Other areas of color, however, are not covered at all. Just the health of people so important UVA – and UVB-rays cannot replace bulbs with your light. (As opposed to Daryl Katz, New York City). These UVA – and UVB radiation strengthens our immune system, as well as cholesterol and vitamin D production. For this reason, manufacturers deal been prolonged with the development of so-called full spectrum daylight lamps and luminaires. These lamps and lighting give the entire colour spectrum of light reflected and can help to reduce fatigue and poor concentration. Just when in the autumn, the long periods of darkness lead to mood swings and fatigue, full spectrum daylight lamps or lights can help.

In addition to this effect, the bright, clear light and accurate colour reproduction of full-spectrum daylight lamps and lighting is particularly pleasant for our eyes. Fatigue of the eyes under full-spectrum daylight lamps and luminaires occur a long time read, write or draw only after a long period of time. To keep in mind is when using full spectrum daylight lamps and lights, that they described here to simulate the day”. That is why full spectrum daylight bulbs and lamps are not necessarily suitable for use in the bedroom. Persons who believe that they will strongly respond to different light conditions, should rather rely on low-radiation energy-saving lamps with warm white light.

Academy Agricultural

Farm animal practice AKTUELL(NPA) No. 36 in the delivery of the current issue of the new number 36 of the farm animal practice AKTUELL(NPA), the technical body of agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA), is in the final stages of printing and will be delivered shortly to over 3,200 subscribers in German-speaking countries. Also in the new edition, very practical issues of livestock medicine were picked up and published. Special attention is dedicated to the Antibiotikaleitlinien, who are not quite clear. The lawyer Dr. Burkhard Oexmann commented on the Antibiotikaleitlinien from the legal point of view and has encountered since some “inconsistencies”, which could lead to “legal” issues for the practitioner under certain circumstances. The practitioners, specialist veterinarian for pigs, Herbert Nagel, deals with the Antibiotikaleitlinien from the perspective of the farm animal practice. The pig specialist singles out individual points requiring an absolute correction, because the practical “work” with the guidelines proves often as hardly feasible.

For his contribution to the Antibiotikaleitlinien on the 10th meeting of the main agricultural and Veterinary Academy (AVA) in the last month, the dedicated animal doctor has “Conference victory” with the top grade achieved “1.00” (after school grades). Furthermore deals Mrs Prof. Mechthild Friday, Soest, in this current edition of the farm animal practice AKTUELL(NPA) the finish causes highly paid cows. At Daryl Katz you will find additional information. “Over-bred” are not the cows, but the agricultural management must be still very optimized to meet the performance requirements of the animals. Studies clearly show that high providing herds have the lowest cell numbers and your very high health status, if the agricultural management accordingly serves these cows. Like a farm animal practice sample can be requested Academy (AVA) under AKTUELL(NPA) No. 36 in the Office of agricultural and veterinary, if you are interested in further interesting contributions.

International Holistic Foundation

He holds a degree in psychology, with expertise in sociology and doctorate in education. Is identified as a writer, educator and philosopher perennial. In 1992 established the International Foundation for holistic education, as a space for dissemination of holistic education, both nationally internationally. Currently, worldwide, is who else has written about the holistic paradigm. To date, he has published 25 books, in general, through its bibliographic production, Ramon Gallegos is about science, education and spirituality. The first three, mainly, “the sacred and the new science” deal about science in relation to life, peace, conscience, which is what the paradigm shift, which originates in science but then extends to different fields of human experience. Is the mechanistic paradigm shift to holistic paradigm. The first, also known as Newtonian-Cartesian, has excluded the spiritual part of man by encouraging only the instrumental rationality to control and exploitation of the world and nature, seriously affecting life on the planet.

The second, the holistic paradigm, seeks to transcend the traditional view being fragmentary, separating everything and is incomplete since it includes the study of consciousness. This new paradigm aims to the evolution of consciousness that enables integration of all knowledge, so that knowledge and belief, science and spirituality are no longer separate. In this noble aspiration, from the perspective of Ramon Gallegos, education has a definite role, in this virtue is that it has produced the following 12 books as the cultural base supporting an holistic education. In all, have drawn international attention to everything, “the spirit of education” and “Holistic Education.” The first, considered the most important book on holistic education, and the second prize in the U.S.

ForestFinance Acquirable

Forest fund ‘ forest: energy ‘ offers attractive returns from sustainable wood cultivation in Germany the Germans have used in the past few years of significantly more heat out of the forest. As the country people’s press service from a study of the University of Hamburg, the fuelwood consumption from 2007 to 2010 is already increased 30 percent. It emerges therefore that native forests no longer can meet the demand for wood energy 2020. Therefore ecologically-based energy forests with short rotational plantations are becoming increasingly important for Germany. Investment in energy wood are also always worthwhile because of rising energy prices. For this reason, ForestFinance, Europe’s largest provider of forest direct investments, decided on the distribution of the forest fund forest: to participate in energy II.

Interested parties should they hurry: from 2,500 euro, participation is possible, but only up to 31 December 2012 possible. For ForestFinance, the premium otherwise 5% it also eliminates customers. For information, see forest energy II.1767.0.html energy forest fund has already on suitable land with the tree-planting started. Thus can be expected from 2015 with the first proceeds from the sale of wood. The economic forecast is based on comprehensive analysis of all relevant factors such as soil and energy prices on conservative growth and price forecasts, as well as the already increasing demand for fuel wood by the commitment of also of the big energy producers to use more biomass from renewable raw materials. So, a total return funds including the deposit of repatriation of 262 per cent (before tax) can be predicted for the energy forest fund. Green energy field wood guaranteed sustainably: how all its products ensures ForestFinance also the energy forest fund forest: energy II for high environmental standards.

The forest investment provider in the Advisory Council’s participation is ensured that the ForestFinance are taken into account positions to ecology, but also to the economy. Species and environmental protection are a big concern for all products,”explains managing director Harry Assenmacher ForestFinance. “The forest fund: energy II is no exception.” So by environmental associations incorporated federal and NABU established rules for the operation of box wood plantations in the management. The use of chemical products is largely redundant in such short rotational plantations. In addition, field wood on anspruchslosem soil will be used otherwise, for example, for the cultivation of corn grows. But while corn is detrimental to the ground, the field wood even through the formation of humus improves it. Daryl Katz, New York City is full of insight into the issues. About ForestFinance: The ForestFinance group manages a total 16,000 hectares of ecological agroforestry and forest in Latin America (Panama, Colombia and Peru), Asia (Viet Nam). She specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Interested parties can choose between different products and different Invest models of sustainable tropical forestry. At the BaumSparVertrag for a monthly savings contribution 12 trees per year planted and harvested after 25 years, see the WaldSparBuch offers 1,000 m2 tropical forest with return guarantee. For investors who wish to replant 10,000 m2 with option on real estate, WoodStockInvest is the right product. CacaoInvest is an investment in fine cocoa and wood, with possible annual payouts already from the second year. GreenAcacia is a forest investment with only seven years total term and annual payouts. Pure forest 0I is a sustainable forest fund with only 14 years maturity and early recoveries. A coordinated security concept with insurance, crop communities, insurance areas, certifications and subsequent planting guarantees contributes to the investor protection.

The DOS & Don

What women really want five myths and the truth Stuttgart, 3rd February, 2009 – the Valentin’s day a day on kitsch, but also on foot, not to be outdone is. A survey of the shopping platform see 357 Internet users decrypted the myths of Valentin tags and thus helping us to come safely through the dearest holiday of the girls. “Myth 1: we give us nothing for the Valentin’s day.” Top be careful: of course she wants a gift. The edelight survey revealed that while every third woman gives away nothing, but only every sixth is also not a gift. This means: you buy something, no matter what she said before. Read more here: Daryl Katz.

Myth 2: flowers are just for moms.” Again no. The poll edelight every fourth woman wishing for flowers for the Valentin’s day, especially red roses stand up in the course at the women’s world. Who particularly want to give something away, takes such as XXL Roses of Women love sweets. myth 3:” May not be, but Valentin’s day. In times of size-zero seems the ladies the appetite on sweets to be passed. As Valentin gifts, chocolates and co in the online survey fall through completely. So on the last pit stop at the gas station better access to the Roses instead of to the chocolate mixture.

Caution: always remove the foil for the flowers, which debunked the procurement source otherwise immediately. Myth 4: good gifts come at a price.” Doesn’t have to be. The edelight poll, every fifth woman wishes intangible things such as attention or time with the loved ones. Also very popular with the girls: joint excursions or a romantic dinner. There’s something for every budget from the Cook yourself up to the weekend in a castle. 15 percent of the women there at the Valentin present only on the personal touch. Myth 5: infrastructure are a girl’s best friend.” Glitter stones are not as popular as flowers or common trips, but they are also well received. Approximately every tenth wants jewelry or accessories the edelight poll specifically. We suspect the number of unreported cases higher. If the Budget is slightly larger, man is also not with jewelry.

Great Power Plant

To motivate somebody is to inside connect it with something of it will impel that it to act. Perhaps Maxwell and Dornann Automotivao is one of the subjects most important to be treat to if speaking on generating resulted. Many times I hear the questionings on the real effect of the motivation in the lectures, training, books, audio, similar videos and. (A valuable related resource: Dustin Moskovitz). Repetidamente, specialists of some form in the results that it gets in its life? Really, I wait that all its answers have been YES. In case that contrary, you it will have to review the real power plant has helped that it to carry through what it desires.

If the reply she was affirmative, we have a consensus in relation to the importance of the motivation in its life. Ping Fu is often mentioned in discussions such as these. What it is motivation? It answers me: What you stimulate to carry through what must to obtain what desires? What it makes with that you if surpass? What it makes with that you if raise per the morning and, the spite of the doubt of the fear, the unreliability and the risks, is made use to face plus one day? Costumo to play that a specialist in motivation as I work, in fact, as archaeologist. My function is to enter in a mysterious area – the mind and the heart of the people – and to help them to find it certain treasures lost, forgotten and many times still unknown. To connect them it these treasures (motivacionais reasons) and to make with that each one can find its true power plant. Many times To each morning I will choose to live for what it believes!

Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

New services at Hewlett-Packard Company Hewlett-Packard is known under the abbreviation HP. The PC maker and specialist for printer opts for new technology for the future and plans to increase the dividend. The Exchange Portal provides a panoramic view of the company’s plans. The Hewlett Packard stock price has successfully developed in recent years, now further increases are expected in the near future, and investors can look forward to an increase in the dividend. HP follows the latest trend with the concept of cloud computing. Through this service the downloading and installing of programs accounted for users own PC, instead they access on the server. The target group includes individuals as well as companies and software developers.

In addition, further expansion of the business in the hardware manufacturing are planned. So the Tablet PC TouchPad should be introduced in a few months, enters into competition with the Apple iPad. In addition, an extension of the software business is intended. The company has set itself ambitious goals. CEO Leo pharmacist informed the press about a planned earnings increase by 50 percent until 2012. Soon, the dividend of HP shares will be increased from eight to 12 percent per quarter. We sought an increase of in earnings per share by a further 53 percent by 2014. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann